Why To Register As A Slave Miner?

What are the reasons for the registration?

Even if you can mine for the Mistress completely anonymously just by clicking START MINING on the personal Dominatrix page, there is a difference between two types of mining. From the perspective of the money earned, there is no distinction, the mining process is same for everyone. 
But if you register, there is a whole new world waiting for you.



As the name says, anonymous means that no one will ever know that you were here and that you are silently making your Goddess richer every day. That’s totally fine as long as you are performing your slave duty regularly.

If you register, the Mistress will always know how useful and obedient you are. This is possible because as a registered slave, your mining results are saved on the dominatrix personal paypig farm. This means that she can always see who is the most useful slave for her.

It is up to the Mistress to decide what and how she will treat those putting the most effort. Being a registered user requires email and a nickname. Basically, your servitude is tracked with the info about how much money you earned for your Goddess. More you make, there is a bigger chance that you will get a different treatment compared to other slaves.

Notice: each findom Mistress featured on MineFor.me has her own personal slave farm. So if you want to serve more than one Mistress, you will have to register again for each dominatrix you are trying to please. Accounts are not interconnected.

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