The Site Mission

financial domination

The idea about this genuine website is coming from the few geeks that were always on the margin of social interaction. That means that no one noticed us, especially girls that we liked so much. And we like dominant, self-confident and sadistic brats. Basically, we couldn’t do anything to get their attention. You probably know the feeling of knowing that you are not good enough for someone and how devastating that can be.

Desperate, pathetic and ready to serve and do whatever Dommes ask, we had enough time to realize a great idea that finally gave us purpose to our useless lives. You are looking at, an online place intended to gather slaves worldwide and make them work for their Mistresses on the scale never seen before. New technologies are now letting every slave in the world of female domination to constantly work for Goddesses and make them extremely rich and spoiled!

The ultimate goal is to create a new caste of findoms, a class of untouchable dominant females that will have thousands of cryptocurrency miners (money slaves) like you, working for them 24/7! In short, the purpose of this site is to make them rich and even crueler and more spoiled.

You are literally a few minutes or a few clicks away from starting your online servitude and becoming a cryptocurrency miner and a paypigEven if you are broke, not having a credit card or cash, now you can earn money for your favorite mistress only with your computer (desktop or laptop) while spending electricity and hardware resources. So what are you waiting for? Read the FAQ section and start mining for them ASAP!