Frequently Asked Questions


Below are some of the frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.) that money slaves are often asking. Some are really dumb and some are completely logical but you should read them to clarify and speed up the process of serving your favorite dominatrix.

Is mining for a Mistress complicated?
Not at all. All you need to do is to open her mining page and leave it open in the browser (and stay connected to the internet).

What is cryptocurrency mining?
In short, cryptocurrency mining is solving blockchains that contain info on worldwide transactions. Those transactions are stored on all computers that are registered as miners and it is used to prevent fraud.  Your computer performs mathematical calculations to process transactions for that cryptocurrency and in return, you can earn new coins or take transaction fees as a reward for processing these transactions. What you earn will be assigned to the Mistress.

What currency will I be mining for the Mistress?

Why Monero?
Monero is a secure, private, and untraceable cryptocurrency. Besides anonymity, there is one more major factor for mining it. The mining process is using a CPU power of your computer instead of a graphics card. This makes it possible to mine online from your browser. Click here to find out more about this awesome cryptocurrency.

What can be purchased with Monero?
Whatever a Mistress wants. Monero can be exchanged for US dollars, EUR, GBP or any other cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin,etc..)

Is using website safe?
Yes, it is.  We are even using https protocol to encrypt all communication between you and the site. Even if some of the antivirus software report a potential infection, you should just ignore it and go serving your Mistress.

Is my privacy protected and will I stay anonymous?
Yes, absolutely. is not collecting data about you and we don’t care who you are and where are you from. The only thing that we care is the purpose and the site mission.  

But I want to prove to a Dominatrix that I am contributing.
Good, you can do this. Once you choose a dominatrix to serve, you will have an option to register on her profile page. Once you do and you get a username, she will know how much money you made for her at any moment. Who knows, maybe you will get a reward from her if you perform well.

How much can I earn for my Goddess?
There is no simple answer to this question. It depends on multiple factors like the time involved and power of your hardware. You can always buy a stronger computer or use the network of computers to mine. More CPU power equals more money for a dominatrix. This is a neverending task, you can and should mine for months or even years.

Can I use multiple computers to give more the Goddess? 
Yes, as mentioned above. Each computer is a separate mining station. If you want to contribute more, open Mistress’s mining page on different computers.

How much power I will be spending and how much that will cost me?
Maximum power you will spend depends on computer power supply unit (PSU). It depends on your model and that is something you should already know. In case you don’t know, maximum power computers are spending today (desktops) is average 450W. Laptops are using less power than that.

I have an expensive mobile phone, can I use it?
No, without getting into the details, mining Monero with phones is useless from the perspective of profitability. You can mine with a phone but the hash rate is extremely low.

Can I serve more than one Dominatrix?
Yes. There is no limitation except your computer’s computing power. 

Any recommendation for me?
Many. Some of them are: use multiple computers (in office, laptops, networks…), invest in stronger hardware to make more money for the Goddess, promote this site on the social networks.

What is minimum hardware requirement?
There is no minimum as long as your computer can open mining page in a browser.

My favorite Domme is not included in Mistress listing. Can I tell her to join?
Yes. is encouraging slaves to introduce this site to the Dommes and please them with the new revenue stream.

Do Mistresses have to pay to be able to get slaves to mine for her?
Absolutely not. This is one of those dumb questions mentioned above. Read about the site mission for a better understanding of what we are accomplishing here.

I own some cryptocurrencies in my wallet, can I donate them to my favorite Mistress?
Not yet, but save them, it will be possible soon.